John W. Boggs, Jr., AIA, LEED AP principal

Being raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it was a tough decision to become an architect over a steel worker until I saw “All the Right Moves” in 1983. To this day, I’m a proud card-carrying member of the Steeler Nation. So then it was on to Kent State University, known less for its football team and more for the National Guard event in 1970. Work took me to Louisville, Kentucky where I learned about horse racing and what a mint julep was; over to Charlotte, North Carolina for a brief stint; and then on to Georgia. My move to Atlanta in 1999, offered me a truly unique opportunity to deepen my respect for American Indians while working on cultural centers and casinos for many great Tribes across the country with my close friend Ken Rhyne. It also greatly increased my enthusiasm for interior architecture and design in general. Since my arrival in Atlanta, fate would bless me twice with this, my second partnership with another close friend, Travis, who spends a lot of time golfing…I mean “business developing”. When I am not busy designing, you can find me on the lake, riding behind a Nautique (side stance of course), and enjoying the company of my beautiful family and friends.

Chamblee Downtown Development Authority – Board of Directors 2014-2017
Registered Architect in Georgia
NCARB Certified
LEED Accredited Professional

Travis W. Vickers, AIA principal

Where did you go to school? Florida? Ugh. That is usually the reaction I get working in Atlanta closer to Dawg Country than Gator Nation. (It hasn’t been a bad run though…) I admit I am a bit out of my element having grown up in West Palm Beach. What are these things called seasons, why is the dirt orange, and why does everyone only go to Destin to go to the beach?? I have since figured some of these out. Being the son of an architect, I guess I only have one person to blame for my professional calling. Or should I say thank. I started my career in Orlando working on, of course, Disney projects as well as the International Airport, then migrated North and dabbled in multifamily. The next step was running a branch office for a Florida firm in Atlanta (see the trend here), until finally the good lord knocked some sense into me and we started off on this great new adventure. While John would have you think I spend more time on the golf course than in the office, I am actually on my bike, running, or swimming with my fantastic wife and kids.

Sandy Springs Conservancy – Board Member 2018
NAIOP – Board of Directors – VP of Sponsorship 2016
Board of Directors – VP of Membership 2014-2015
Future Leaders – Director 2010
Big Trees Forest Preserve – Board of Directors 2009-2014
Registered Architect in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky & North Carolina
NCARB Certified

Megan Keith, NCIDQ, LEED AP associate

Born and raised in Florida, weekends were spent at the beach, and we played outside until dark. We spent Saturdays watching the Seminoles play, and with any luck, we beat those Gators! After graduating from Florida State University, I moved to Atlanta to pursue commercial interior design. Little did I realize there wasn’t a beach close by, and soon decided to move home. Along the way, an architect at work caught my attention and convinced me to stay “a little longer”. It’s been more than a decade with that architect, and 2 kids later, we are happy to call Atlanta our home. Most of my professional career has been consumed with corporate office design and tenant improvement work. Long standing relationships with top Atlanta brokers and developers has taught me the value of teamwork and the importance of communication. The unique challenges and range in project scope continue to challenge me every day. No two days are ever alike and multitasking is second nature. Outside of the office, you can find me on the soccer field with my kids, watching college football, or spending time with my amazing family and friends.

IIDA Professional Member
CREW Atlanta
Registered Interior Designer, NCIDQ
LEED Accredited Professional

Jaemi Hynes • associate

Growing up military, I moved a lot—Hawaii, Boston, San Francisco, Augusta, Melbourne (Florida, that is). I often felt like an outsider. But that was okay. It afforded me the luxury to watch life, to question things, to process the world with a unique lens. This is part what makes me the designer I am today. I graduated with a liberal studies degree with three minors—Studio Art, Criminal Justice and Humanities. Go figure. I attended the University of Central Florida, one of the largest schools in the nation, but they lacked a design school. I was not dissuaded. I took classes simultaneously at a local design school studying AutoCAD and hand drafting and cut my teeth post-graduation as a Design Assistant. Next up, the Pratt Institute for a master’s in interior architecture and design, where I then worked for Viserius Studio focusing on hospitality, restaurants and international work. Heading south, I landed at C+TC Design Studio. Now, I’m rooting for the BoggsVickers team. Inspiration comes from life, nature and travel. With a vigilant eye, I seek the details, questioning how or why something works, taking note of patterns and movement. With clients, we start with their vision, distill a concept and birth design from that concept. Collaboration reigns, and that’s how I like it. I love pushing myself toward the discovery of unexpected growth. That’s why I travel, scuba dive, sail and cook (when time permits). And it’s rare you’ll find me without Molly, my furry partner-in-crime.

Audrey B. Hardesty, RID, NCIDQ • associate

I was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana by a family in the building material business, a couple artists and a handful of engineers, so it was inevitable that I would find my way into the creative field. I moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU (Geaux Tigers!). As luck would have it, I met the man who would later become my husband while in design school. After graduation, I moved to Houston and there began my career focused on corporate interiors. Thanks to the Texas drought of 2011, we decided that we needed a change in climate, so we chose Atlanta. You may not agree unless you’ve lived in the deep south, but Atlanta is pleasant year-round.

I have committed my career to workplace design with over 3 million square feet of corporate experience. I thrive in a team environment with talent at all levels. Design charettes, problem-solving and client relations are what drive me to love what I do. I love being a part of the BoggsVickers family! Our Core Values (stop by for a visit and read them on the wall) are words to live by.

When I’m not logged in, you’ll find me with my husband Josh working in the yard (lounging on the hammock), hanging with our lab Edie, finding a house project or scoping out restaurants around town. Crawfish boils may be few and far between around here, but otherwise we love calling Atlanta home.

Registered Interior Designer in Georgia
NCIDQ certified

Sarah Keithly

I have found great comfort in Douglas Adams’ quote: “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” Growing up a Navy brat, I lived in four cities before finding roots in the Washington, D.C. area. By God’s good graces, ended up in the South at one of the best interior design schools in the country, with a pretty good football team, to boot (War Eagle!!). I did a semester abroad in Ariccia, Italy, having invaluable cultural adventures, as well as earning a minor in International Studies. I have equal appreciation for the built environment as I do for the natural one. I have a deep passion for all things design; especially sustainability, graphics and urban revitalization. Away from my desk, I enjoy hiking, camping, my pink beach cruiser and al fresco dining. I am happy to call myself a member of this fun and driven BoggsVickers team!

IIDA Georgia Chapter, Social Media Leader 2015-Present
LEED Green Associate

Evonne Connally, NCIDQ

Growing up a local girl in Powder Springs, Georgia, I took my first Interior design class at McEachern High School. I really enjoyed it then, but upon graduating I decided on a business major. It wasn’t until I moved to Chattanooga that I fell in love with the arts and the interior design program at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I graduated with a double minor in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. Once done, I completed an internship at CWC Chattanooga, which led to my first job at CWC back home in Atlanta working in the modular DIRTT wall department as well as a designer in the furniture department. After three years in the furniture industry, Rule, Joy, Trammel + Rubio (RJTR) Architecture and Interior Design firm offered me a position as an Interior Designer where my focus was on corporate interiors, tenant improvement, senior living and multi-family housing projects. I’m happy to be with a firm now that allows me the opportunity to fulfill my passion on special projects like breweries and restaurants. In my free time, I enjoy anything outdoors-hiking, rafting and trail running. I love to travel my home state of Georgia and explore all it has to offer. I’m active with my local church serving in the children’s ministries and volunteering to serve the community with different ministries the church provides. I also have a twin sister, along with 3 other siblings and 12 nieces and nephews.

Josh Word, AIA

Growing up, for as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer. In fact, it was a common saying of my parents that I “…would argue with a rock,” though I preferred to characterize it as “healthy debate.” But upon entering my senior year in high school, with college applications looming, I decided law was no longer in the cards, and it was back to the drawing boards for me – literally. I’ve always had a passion for art and problem solving, and so while the decision to study architecture seemed arbitrary at the time, in retrospect it’s impossible to imagine that I would have taken any other path.

Growing up in a family of Alabama fans, the UGA pull was never as strong for me as it is for most who grow up in metro Atlanta, so it was to the North Avenue Trade School I went (or Georgia Tech for those not in the know). It was there, in the heart of Atlanta, that I gained an appreciation for all things built-environment, which I then parlayed into degrees in both Architecture and City Planning.

I’ve been fortunate to work on projects ranging in scales of a couple of hundred to upwards a million square feet, across numerous project types and around the globe. But I’ve always felt that my skills and knowledge would be best suited to make a positive impact on my own neighborhood, which ultimately led to me joining the BoggsVickers team.

When I’m not hanging out with the this crew, you’ll likely find me hanging out with my beautiful wife and daughter or hiking a local trail – preferably both.

Registered Architect in Georgia
NCARB Certified

Jessica Williams

Growing up in Kentucky I was always destined to attend the University of Kentucky. Finding out UK had a killer design program too? Even better!

Even as a little girl I was obsessed with creating the perfect environment for any situation. This obsession turned into a passion, and, with a ton of support from my family, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a designer. Kentucky connections lured me to Atlanta in 2015, and I never looked back. I was immediately thrown into the fast-paced world of tenant improvement. The opportunity to connect with a wide range of people enabled me to develop into a well-rounded designer.

Moving to Atlanta not only influenced my design career, but also introduced me to my Atlanta native husband Jordan. We recently married in Kentucky and, together, are pursuing our dreams.

My next big move? The BoggsVickers team! I am surrounded by such a talented and passionate group of people that I can’t wait to see where the adventure leads.

Sara Hackett

Sara HackettBorn in Santa Cruz, California and raised on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, I graduated college at the United States Coast Guard Academy. I was commissioned as an active duty military officer and assigned as Damage Control Officer on a 378’ warship stationed in Oakland, CA. New York City was my next port where I inspected foreign and domestic commercial vessels for code compliance.

Leaving active duty behind In 2016, I launched my pursuit of a lifelong passion for creativity and design in our built environment. With a master’s degree in interior design in hand, I headed south to Miami where I sharpened my skills at an architecture + interior design firm that specialized in lighting and high-end residential. I also nursed my creativity at a metal and wood shop building custom interiors for restaurants and other businesses.

Feeling the itch to explore even more, my husband and I arrived in Atlanta in February, marking my 18th move to date. Atlanta embraced us offering many choices to fulfill our healthy foodie appetites. In my free time, I sew, hike with my family and design and build anything from furniture to jewelry.

Jeanne McGowan  • controller

At BoggsVickers, I’m the resident girl with accent. Born, raised and educated on Long Island, I never imagined I would land in the south. But here I am, and I am glad I came. Don’t get me wrong—I miss beach, bagels and pizza, but I have taken a fancy to southern lake and poolside living. And I am proud to be (almost) the only team member to bring the north into this southern equation. My first intro to accounting came in high school. After graduation, a junior accounting position in a mid-sized corporation sealed the deal on my career. With an accounting degree from Long Island University, I embarked on a 10-year path in corporate accounting in New York. Then, my husband and I decided to relocate to the “country” or otherwise known as Atlanta. Here, I worked as an accounting consultant for 11 years, which is how I met BoggsVickers. I take charge of all things accounting. Think jack-of-trades when it comes to finance and HR—ready to dive into special projects, suss out profitability and keep things compliant. A self-starter, I strive to take on responsibility and lift off burden, so team members keep doing what they do best. I bring years of experience to the table every day with a smile. I’m happiest in the summer, staying active outdoors with family and friends. I work hard and enjoy life, with a go-with-the-flow attitude that exudes happy.