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Firm Profile

Imagine. Design. Build. Deliver. It’s from this premise BoggsVickers emerged in 2011 as a client-forward firm with one focus – create smart and responsive design.

BoggsVickers was shaped to be intentional, yet fun. Fresh, yet rooted in experience. Inspirational, but not heavy on ego. In short, we get to the point. The point where your space meets unlimited architectural or interior design possibilities to deliver an environment where your business thrives.

Big Experience = Endless Space Possibilities

At BoggsVickers, our style is not one-size-fits-all. We’re not limited to one look or one type. Instead, we make space for you.

To do so, we employ functional design to maximize your workplace potential. Our collective experience gets the job done, whether for retail, restaurant, office and hospitality sectors or warehouse and transportation uses. Need a storefront updated, a warehouse re-imagined or something that’s never been done before? Our diversity delivers solutions tailor-made for the job.

Unexpected Vision = Uncomplicated Process

We create the space unseen. Nimble, versatile and responsive, we jump at the chance to discover hidden corners of function or unearth dormant space, using a direct approach that gets it done, step-by-step. Whether architectural or interior design, our team fuses client needs with smart strategy to deliver functional design for any commercial use.

Uncomplicated – it’s how we work smarter, not harder, and how we design for all shapes and sizes.  Take the worry out of the workplace and put function into design. That’s how we work.

Unleashed Team = Full Package

Where others see hurdles, we unleash creativity. Where others see limitations, we imagine possibility. It’s how we exceed. Our big-firm opportunities and big-idea experience knows (almost) no boundaries.